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Do you desire more nature connection in your life? Do you find yourself saying no to this desire and to yourself, though, because you’re busy? Because you are overworked? Because you’re saying yes to everyone and everything else instead of giving yourself what you really need?

Would you like to create a deeper and more consistent connection with nature that gives you more time and space to breathe deeply, and enjoy your life more fully?

Then send me a message using the form on this page, and leave your e-mail address as well as a daytime phone number, and let’s explore the possibilities for working together.

Private Nature Connection Mentoring where you’ll gain skills and confidence through connecting with nature that translate into greater skills and confidence in other areas of your life;

Guided catalog or custom nature-oriented tours to Yellowstone and other inspiring natural areas, through a reputable, commercially-permitted Montana-based business and organization that I exclusively guide with;

Workshops, Retreats and Trainings tailored for you, your group or organization;

Licensing, Commercial or Custom Use of Images/Cards, or purchasing different sized images and cards to use in your organization or company’s marketing, advertising, in-house communications, client welcome /appreciation campaigns and packages, etc.

Motivational, Keynote and Other Speaking Engagements tailored for groups, businesses and organizations.

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