Earth Connection Meditation
and Note card Set

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Earth Connection Meditation and Note Card Sets

Bring home this portable, easy, doable and inexpensive nature meditation and note card set, to support and sustain your connection to nature, wherever you are, and no matter how little time you may have in your daily life to fit in nature connection!

All four meditations are accompanied by a gorgeous handmade, hand-signed greeting card that helps listeners maximize their meditation experience, and more deeply connect with the natural world.

Meditations range from 9-13 minutes in length, so they're easy to enjoy on work breaks, while commuting or traveling, and for just about any other time, occasion or event!

Kintla Lake Water Meditation, Specimen Ridge Air Meditation, Old and New Growth Meditation, and Grand Prismatic Spring Earth Meditation comprise the package, and it not only makes a lasting and invaluable gift for yourself, but for other nature lovers in your life.

The four-meditation and note card package cost $67 plus shipping. Purchase a set for yourself or others today!


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cards included in this set:

I took this shot late one September afternoon, in between the passing of two cold fronts that had drenched the remote northwest corner of this rugged park. The clouds hung low over the lake, casting a luminous reflection, and providing a warm yet brief reprieve from the rains. Hopefully, the next time I visit Kintla Lake, the weather will be more conducive for a canoe trip!


Specimen Ridge is just about my favorite place in Yellowstone, but it’s an especially important hike to be very “bear aware” on. The 8,200 foot ridge is named for petrified redwood and other tree specimens commonly found in this area of the park.


I really love this juxtaposition of an old-growth Western red cedar (Thuja plicata) growing alongside some much younger lady ferns (Athyrium filix femina).Thankfully, many of western Montana’s remaining old growth cedar groves were either in places too steep to log, or they had avid early defenders and supporters

For many people, cedar groves exude peace, calm, quiet and contemplative space.


This perspective of Grand Prismatic Spring was taken from a hilltop just off the Fairy Falls Trail, and provides a considerably different vista in contrast to boardwalk views of the spring from Yellowstone’s Midway Geyser Basin.

One of the world’s largest intact remaining hot springs, Grand Prismatic is approximately 200 feet across and over 100 feet deep, yet all of Yellowstone’s thermal features remain vulnerable to human disruptions and impacts such as littering and vandalism .Colors closer to hot spring edges are generally microbe-colored mineral deposits, while colors in the spring itself usually indicate the presence of heat-thriving organisms known as thermophiles.



"Thanks for creating a product that is so user friendly, time management friendly, and one that doesn’t break the bank! The thing that really blew me away with your meditations is that you truly transported me from my office out into nature.

I could feel the exhilaration and nourishment from dipping my feet in the water. And I actually began to feel, smell, and taste the air of the environment.

To know that I don’t actually have to BE in nature to reap the benefits of being in nature with my physical body is really freeing. You liberated me into knowing that even if I’m stuck in the office, my mental self can actually connect with nature and reap the benefits without actually physically being there!"

– Diana Bertoldo, San Diego, CA



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